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Circunvalciones Playas, Casa #135, Colonia El Toreo, Sinaloa, Mexico 82110

Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization that is dedicated to being a voice for orphans. They exist to love and care for orphans and impoverished children by providing deep, holistic care in five areas of child development: spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social. By addressing these crucial needs they hope that each child might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty. Gabriel and Kelly Velasco moved from Monterrey to Mazatlan, Mexico with their three children, to serve as directors of a new ministry site with Back2Back Ministries. Their ministry focus there is to care for those orphans and children in three children’s homes and a newly inaugurated Hope Program. The Hope Program cares for orphaned children that have aged-out of the children's home, and is geared towards the child that desires to further their education in high school and college and live together with others in a family unit. Gabriel and Kelly, along with their staff team, are a consistent presence at the three homes in Mazatlan.

Their family has expanded, with the adoption of their newest teenage daughter, and so has their ministry site. One of the three main children's homes they work with has come under the B2B umbrella. They have taken on the responsibility of running Rancho de Los Ninos, the home which houses 15 children of whom have special needs and disabilities. They continue to be a consistent presence at Floreser and Salvation Army, both which house between 15 and 30 kids ranging from 4 to 17 years of age. Their Hope Program has expanded from only a girls home, to now a boys home, and as recent as last month another girls home for orphaned girls who were recovering from specific addictions or mental illness. Most recently, they have added a school for those in the Hope Program.

Their heart’s desire is to see each child experience complete restoration to a life of purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature Christian adults. Another area they are dedicating time to is with local partnerships. Engaging and equipping local churches and government officials to have best practices as they help care for vulnerable and orphaned children in Mexico. 

 Through these relationships they have started several new programs that will hopefully help place children in families, in a foster care type program, but also reunifying families through our Strong Families Program. The Strong families they will come alongside are single moms or dads whose kids have been raised in the orphanage, but who want to be rehabilitated and reunited with their children. They have started the long journey with one family, and hope to see the Lord heal and reconnect them as a family.

Serving Opportunities:

Project: Mission Trip to Mazatlan, Mexico

Description: Mission trip guests are encouraged to participate in activities & projects to better the children's homes created by our staff team, as well as, "play with purpose" activities with the kids at the homes!
Day & Time: Trips available throughout the year
Location: Mazatlan
Requirements: Apply online with our U.S. office at 

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