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Break the Cycle Global, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, exists to advance the Kingdom of God by partnering with communities throughout East Africa to develop sustainable solutions to educational, economic, medical and spiritual needs.

This mission is being accomplished through developing a network of Christian Montessori Schools in slums and marginalized areas reaching to those orphaned and poor bringing life to their spirit, soul and body. We are currently serving over 250 children and their families and plan to double that to 500 in 2019.

In 2018 we launched a Christian Montessori Teacher Training Center based in the slum called Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya. This year we trained six teachers which should double to twelve in 2019. We are now able to train and certify teachers in their local communities throughout East Africa.

Our director was recently asked by the chief and elders to serve on the board of Nkoteiya, a conservancy located in Samburu to help lead and guide building infrastructure as they currently do not have running water, power or medical facilities. Even more critical is the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to this shepherding community while influencing cultural changes through accepting the Gospel while addressing issues such as polygamy, FGM, hygiene, etc. This is an opportunity to build a city of light in a marginalized, depressed area.

Serving Opportunities

Project: Mission Trips to Kenya (see descriptions below of different trip opportunities)

Description: To visit and help the school with service projects in the oldest slum in Nairobi, Kenya called Mathare, as well as preparing activities similar to what we use in Vacation Bible School in the US.

Description: To visit the mission center in Samburu, Kenya and help with projects like; repairing fence broken by elephants, construction or gardening opportunities; all the while learning about the Samburu culture while sharing the love of Jesus. We also have a school there in which you may prepare activities similar to what we would use in Vacation Bible School in the US. Medical professionals are always welcome.

Day & Time: Trips available throughout the year.

Location: Kenya

Requirements: Unique to each trip. Please contact John for more information.