Joanne Soliday: 336.260.0180 |

Dianne Gerlach: 336.584.7953 |

Debo Wells: 336.261.3200 |

Michele Price: 336.214.0075 |

The “Compassion In Action” ministry is for those who desire to make Jesus famous by putting their faith into action. This group joyfully meets the needs of our SMC members at the time of a loss in their immediate family. 

Your contribution to this ministry may include: prayer, sending cards, cooking, serving, and/or delivering meals during funerals and visitation receptions. It is our desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus during this sensitive time. Your service commitment will be on, an as needed basis. 

Day & Time: As needs arise within the church.

How it works:  An email will alert the team to a specific need. If the team member is available to help, they will reply. Every member will not be needed for every occasion giving each of us an opportunity to show our compassion.