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Robert and Carolyn Jacobsen: | |
PO Box 863, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

Jacobsen Ministry operates under Global Outreach International (GOI). We work with orphans who have aged-out of Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage in Uganda, East Africa. We provide micro-financing, apprenticeships, advocacy and mentoring as these young-adult orphans face the challenges of real life in Uganda without the benefit of a support system. Jacobsen Ministry also advocate on behalf of some of these young people who are involved in ministry, sharing the gospel through drama, music, and dance. One particular ministry is called “Quest Ministry” and is similar to Young Life.

Carolyn Jacobsen began and continues to direct the Jinja Pregnancy Care Center (JPCC). She founded this in 2011. The center focuses on young moms in crisis situations. Their goal is to keep mom and baby together and to prevent more orphans. Often these young ladies are thrown out of school, shunned by their family and the local community, and live in squalid conditions. JPCC helps them through Bible study, fellowship, food, medical care, encouragement, teaching and love. So far JPCC has been able to prevent many abortions and help sustain life, which is very fragile in Uganda. JPCC has added a Kitchen Class to help these young ladies obtain employable skills. We have also added on 8 clinics which are out of town, for teaching about nutrition and preventing birth defects. Lastly, we run a bible study program for local school kids called The Mailbox Club. Many kids have come to know Jesus through this series of studies. We are currently in 16 schools.


PROJECT: Jinja Pregnancy Care Center

Description: Work with young moms and babies by providing teaching, health awareness skills, mentoring, and sharing the gospel.
Day and Time:  2 weeks to 6 months
Location: Jinja, Uganda, East Africa
Requirements: A willingness to enter into cross-cultural ministry with some previous ministry experience in a related area.

PROJECT: Business Conference

Description: Teach business skills and the basics of starting and running a business in a Godly way.
Day and Time: 2-4 Days
Location: Jinja, Uganda, East Africa
Requirements: The ability and knowledge to teach basic business techniques using biblical principles.