Rebekah Basily | The World Race | January- November, 2020

Starting in January 2020, Rebekah will be joining a team of young people as they embark on an 11 month missionary to 11 different countries. During their trip, they will be preaching the Gospel, planting churches, working in orphanages, ministering to women and children in human trafficking, and bringing hope and love to many tribes and nations. 

Her trip will begin in Nicaragua and finish in Turkey. Over the 11 months spent all over the world, Rebekah’s main desire is to share the love of Christ that she has with everyone she encounters, as well as learn even deeper the love Christ has for her personally. This is an amazing opportunity of growth and discipleship! 

Currently, Rebekah is raising all the funds she needs to be able to go on this trip in January. This is a huge step of faith to say yes to God and trust that He will meet all the financial needs. We are seeing God do incredible things through her already!

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