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125 Glendale Ave. (PO Box 427), Burlington, NC 27215

Originally opening as Wesley Hall of Alamance, Inc., in 1971, Residential Treatment Services of Alamance, Inc. (RTSA), has provided 24-hour services to individuals in the community with addiction and mental health issues.  RTSA operates an eight-bed crisis unit, which provides non-hospital medical detoxification for alcoholics and addicts, and facility-based crisis services for people in mental health crisis.

Referrals come from local physicians, ARMC Emergency Room, and Advanced Access.  In our residential program at the Hall Avenue facility there are 17 beds which help provide recovery services for men dealing with addiction.  Two six-bed group homes for persons with mental illness and a six-bed recovery home for homeless women are operated at three other locations.  In total, RTSA operates 43 beds in the city of Burlington, providing substance abuse and mental health treatment programs to those in need.  RTSA provided services to more than 400 individuals in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Service Opportunities:

PROJECT: “Fill the Truck”

Description: RTSA can bring the Trollinger Treasures Box Truck to the Church and leave it for a day or weekend during which time volunteers can “fill the truck” with donations, i.e. clothing, household goods, furniture, books, etc.  All donated items are sold in the thrift store and all proceeds benefit Residential Treatment Services of Alamance, Inc. (Providing recovery programs from the sale of donated goods). This is an ongoing campaign for anytime of the year.  Call us at 336-227-8500 to arrange for the truck to be delivered.

PROJECT: “Women Helping Women” Jewelry Benefit Sale

Description:  Each year in September we have a sale of donated jewelry to benefit our Mebane Street Recovery Home for Women.  We accept donated jewelry year round and volunteers clean and price the jewelry for the annual sale in September.  Consider having a jewelry drive where women clean out the jewelry boxes of items they no longer wear and donate it to assist women who are building strong personal recovery programs.   Donated jewelry can be dropped off any time of the year at Trollinger Treasures, 403 Trollinger Street, Burlington or the Administrative Offices, 125 Glendale Avenue, Burlington.

PROJECT: Crestview Facilities - Staining and Painting     

Description:  An outdoor storage building needs to be stained and outdoor patio furniture needs to be washed and painted at two group homes for persons with disabilities. 
Locations: 631 and 635 Crestview Drive, Burlington

PROJECT: Preparing Toiletry Bags for those in Crisis Unit

Description:  In an ideal world, we would find a group or groups who would take on a project and prepare enough toiletry bags (approximately 500 a year) for the patients of the Detoxification/Crisis Unit.  The average client is in the Crisis Unit for 4-5 days and would need toiletries to be able to last for their time while in the Unit.  The bags would include… a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, a comb or brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, a disposable razor, shaving cream, lotion, sanitary napkins, and a note of encouragement would be nice and would also give you the opportunity to let the patient know that your group donated the toiletry bags for their use. 

Other items used frequently in the Unit are Men’s & Women’s socks, underwear (including bras), and flip flops.  We need all sizes!   NOTE: We generally give a couple of sets of clothing to each client from our thrift store, Trollinger Treasures, but socks, underwear and shoes are often not available in the particular size needed that day.

PROJECT: Linen Drive

Description: RTSA has 43 beds in four facilities and twin sheets, pillow cases, pillows, pillow protectors, and mattress protectors are often needed. 

PROJECT: Paper Products Drive

Description:  We could use a paper products drive which includes toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, paper plates and cups.  Lots of money on paper products are spent for our four facilities.

Interested in taking on a project to assist Residential Treatment Services of Alamance, Inc.?  Give us a call at 336-227-2994.  We would be glad to visit your group and explain our services and the needs we have in our facilities.